Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Valentines Day Spey

Sorry It's been a while, not that anyone reads this blog at this point haha. Just been caught up schoolwork and stuff.

Made it out fishing on the AR with my dad and a friend on valentines day. Started off at spot 1 that i fished hard a couple times through, me nothing, but Garret managed a decent fish on a...i dont remember.
After, I decided it was time for a change in sceneryime for a change of scenery. Moved downriver to a place i've never been, man did it have this one PICTURE PERFECT run, and it produced my first spey/swung fly steelhead ever. A small 12", but a fish and a fighter nonetheless. It even managed to pick up 500 grains of skagit belly on a few jumps.

Hopefully more and bigger to come!

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