Sunday, March 7, 2010

AR 3/7/10

Got a chance to go out today, and I'm glad. Not so much the catching, actualy not at all the catching, but it was a great day, beautiful weather, nice day to be outdoors.

Was planning on fishing with my buddy Cody but he had to bail for understandable reasons so I was on my own. Waded into my first spot and was just getting into my groove when who comes down the river? The fuzz. great.

Just kidding, it was the friendly dfg kayak surveyors we've all come to know, and they passed with only a few short questions.

I continued casting to no avail, and went in search of new water. There wasnt much else in the area so I decided to pop over to kienes to pick some white calf tail and some polyleaders.

Walking back down to the river after visiting the shop, i realized. its HOT.

Anyways met up with a buddy Tayler and fished for a while, headed downriver and swung for a while for one LDR that was a nice 3ish 4ish pounder somewhat bright that went airborne and sent my fly back at me.

Good day of fishing for sure,

p.s. heres some videos, not great quality and short, i didnt realized how much space they take up on the memory stick.

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