Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Jan. 10th said the steelhead

Great Day on the AR. Braved the crowds upriver in the morning, me nymphing, dad fishing spoons. He got the beaut! About 10lbs or more? 2/5ths silver rvrfshr! WILD!

Stopped at Kiene's and did some spey fishing but only a short amount of time. Spey fishing next time all day MLK Day! WOO!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Outfits

I'm a bit of a Gear Junkie already, and love all my rods and reels.


13'1" Anderson Custom Rods Explorer 7wt.

Hardy Marquis Salmon No.2

Along with Gary's custom "steelie" scandi and a Rio skagit

9'6" Redington Crosswater 7wt
9' St. Croix Imperial 7wt

Ross Flystart 3
Ross Flystart 4

Along with 7 and 8 wt. Rio Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead lines

Not too impressive and I'm sure it will increase once i make some more green.


Fly Fishing Pit River June '09

Great trip with a friend of mine and his family to stay at a cabin on the Pit River June '09. Great week and got to fish everyday! Heres some of my favorite pics.


Blast from the Past

Well now that I've just started this, I guess i'll put in some background.

For as long as I've been steelhead fishing, the American River has been my homeriver, despite my first steelhead (and first steelhead on the fly) came on the Upper Rogue. That was in 2006, and less then a week later I caught my first salmon. Then came another 3 steelhead that winter, fly fishing though. Since, i've had a tough time with the steelhead, but I plan to turn that around this year with greater determination to fish.

I owe a lot of my knowledge of steelhead and salmon to my 'mentors' i guess. Mark Lynn has helped me phenomenally, as well as Ray...well Ray and John Hamilton.

Heres some pics from the past.