Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show 2010

I feel fortunate that this show is about 10 minutes from my house, and it was a good show. Always great to walk around like its a giant candy shop, got some compliments and some help from DVF FFF's members free casting lessons.

Also good to see friends like Jason Hartwick, and meet some new faces like Gary Anderson and John and Amy Hazel. In fact I think the highligh of my day was talking to John about some spey stuff and he complimented me on putting together a good setup, then Amy walks over and John says to Amy what i've said to him and she says, "Well he knows his shit!" John left me with an advanced spey casting video ive watched a couple times.

Also came home with some tying hooks and some pink bunny strips because all the purple were gone.

All in all, a good show.


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