Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trinity River 2010

Trinity River Nov. 2010

Again paired up with Cody we made the fall pilgrimage to the river in California people go to catch fish. The T, The Trin, The i just made a forum board post about this steelhead trip but i'm not gonna tell you the name of the river even though the entire state of California already fishes that river anyway, or the river we fondly know as the Trinity.

Dirty ass nympher

Don't that smile just say it all folks

Now don't let the nice pictures fool you. It was damn cold. We woke up our second morning of fishing and walked outside the motel room to see both pairs of wading boots frozen solid. We spent a good 20 minutes pouring hot water over our boots...time we could have spent in 45 degree water waving around sticks. Damn cold.

Dirty ass nympher #2

Wild Oncorhynchus Mykiss

In order to redeem ourselves a little bit and take home a little bit of pride, we both spent some time swinging also. In the end we both hooked and lost fish on the swing, a feeling we all know and hate.

On the last day it cleared up a little bit, and while it seemed sunny, a river rock the size of a 8/9 fly reel (only a fly fisherman would ever use that analogy) froze to the bottom of my boot. Thats what makes it worth it...right?

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