Saturday, March 10, 2012

East Walker 2011

The EW 2011

Memorial Day fishing trip! The Caddis will be out, it'll be warm, wet wading, sun! Snow still on the peaks, but its memorial day!

Its gonna be gorgeous

Goddammit. The second time I stray from steelheading to go on a multi-day trip for trout in spring/summer and I get this bullshit!

Last chance to turn back...

Notice the lateral motion of the snow flakes

Of course I brought my tent. Its memorial day right...camping! It snowed all night, and in the morning when the sun came out all the snow melted, and dripped right in my tent. I shoulda slept in my waders.

Meanwhile Cody's in the back of his bullshit-douchebag-tool-stupidass-warm hard shell truck.

Worth It

Sorry no really fishing pictures in this one...don't know why none were taken. But I assure we caught our (massive) share for 25"ers.

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